writes about radical truth and holistic healing.

Some people believe there exist "incurable" chronic diseases, mental illness, and trauma.

But that's not true.

I'm living proof that with enough truth, you can heal ANYTHING.

I'll show you the way to "impossible" healing.

LAUREN GEERTSEN is the author of numerous books on self-empowerment and self-healing.

She began the popular health website at age 19, after healing her "incurable" autoimmune disease through nutrition. Now, Empowered Sustenance has supported over 40 million people with holistic resources.

As an independent health researcher, she analyzes the political and financial influences behind medical data to discern fact from fraud.

Because her work threatens predatory industries, she is sometimes labeled a "conspiracy theorist."

She prefers the more accurate term, "Truth Activist."


The Invisible Corset
Break Free from Beauty Culture and Embrace Your Radiant Self

Beyond The Rulebook
A 30-Day Writing Journey
To Hear Your Inner Knowing

The empowered sustenance cookbook

COMING SOON: The Empowered Sustenance Cookbook
120+ Grain-Free Recipes

Stronger Than The Master
Poems of Manipulation and Escape


[FREE] A Few Practical Steps to Enjoy The Apocalypse:
A Workbook for Awakening

[FREE] Master List of Natural Remedies
My Time-Tested Holistic Protocols For Chronic Health Conditions

[FREE] 100 Facts Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Vaccines
Hidden Scientific and Historical Data


"THE SCORPION AND THE LION is an epic memoir.

Geertsen lays out a path of healing humanity is finally ready to embrace."

- Christiane Northrup, MD, bestselling author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

"THE INVISIBLE CORSET lifts the shackles of our conditioning and provides a manual for the revivification of the body through true love, not affected self-acceptance.'

Give yourself the gift of healing the most important relationship in your entire life, starting here.”

- Kelly Brogan, MD, bestselling author of A Mind of Your Own


This book is one of the most important books I’ve ever read, I think every woman on the planet needs to read this!! So grateful to the author for writing this!!!"

- The Invisible Corset Amazon review

"As a busy mom of young children, I MADE time to read this book. When I finished, I told my husband, 'This is probably one of the best self-help books I've ever read' --and I do NOT exaggerate."

- The Invisible Corset Amazon review

"Be prepared to underline everything. This is a book I’m proud to have on my shelf to recommend to friends, to loan out, and one day for my daughter to read."

- The Invisible Corset Amazon review

The Scorpion and the Lion is a powerfully moving memoir.
I listened to the entire book in one day.

-The Scorpion and The Lion Amazon review

"Masterpiece. Not since Cathy O’Brien’s, “Trance Formation of America,” have I seen someone show such divine and eternal courage."

- The Scorpion and The Lion Amazon review

"I loved this memoir! I listed to it on Audible in only two days. It is an inspiring view of what love really is."

- The Scorpion and The Lion Amazon review



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